LAY—OUT no. 3: <br>Suzy Poling
LAY—OUT no. 3: <br>Suzy Poling
LAY—OUT no. 3: <br>Suzy Poling
LAY—OUT no. 3: <br>Suzy Poling

LAY—OUT no. 3:
Suzy Poling

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Suzy Poling (aka Pod Blotz) is a musician, artist, and photographer based in Los Angeles. Her volume, titled Geo Resequence, is a selection of experimental photographic, xeroxed, digitized, and painted collages that examine ways of transforming, restructuring, and cloning infrastructures through repetition. These works explore and minimal geometry, complex spaces, and cyclical patterns within nature, ecology, and geology during the daunting age of climate change. The use of 'Geo' in the title references geological time, geometry, geomancy, and geography. 'Resequence' refers to how the effects of human activity are resequencing planetary time — resulting in the collapse of human time and accelerating the need to redesign human structures to be in accordance with the earth system.

44 Pages, Digital offset print, 2 color silkscreened cover
First edition 2021